• Pink Flowers


    When interpreting flower images, consider their traditional use, color, and  fact that something is "in bloom" or "flowering." In this case we see pink (color of love) and orchids (delicate show flower)

    Pink Flowers
  • Winter Snow


    Snow and ice generally refer to frozen emotion such as the Ice Queen. Is the fence holding someone in or keeping them out? Is the dreamer "pining" (pine trees) away for a lost love who has fenced them out, causing emotions to freeze?

    Some Image Description Here
  • Swan Song


    Birds are usually associated with mental activities, higher ideals, joy, happiness. Here is a swan with an "ugly duckling." We also think of the Swan song indicating the end.

    Swan Song
  • Pennies from Heaven


    Coins or money may represent the "cost" to us; what we are losing or gaining. Pennies bring to mind "pennies from heaven," and "a penny saved is ..." Some folks believe when you see a penny, your Angel is thinking of you.

    Pennies from Heaven
  • Faces and Expressions


    Faces and their expressions can tell us lot. If we are taking a picture of them, it means to examine these things in your self. If they smile, it's encouragement, frowning is a warning, red-faced may mean you have been caught doing something embarrassing.

  • The Kiss


    Kissing can refer to passion, forgiving, and a union, as in marriage. A wedding shows the "wedding" of ideas or actions. Look at the yellow tie. What does that symbolize?