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 Combining 12 Step Work with Dream Interpretation is a natural combination that helps people work the 12 Steps more effectively.  At this site you have access to many FREE downloads that will help in your dream interpretation. Now you can purchase the only dream book that works with the 12 Steps,  download the most complete symbol's  workbook available, and you
 may participate in the dream blog and share your dreams with us. 


Symbols Made Simple is the BEST Dream glossary avaialble
When you buy the digital book, 12 Step Dream Work, the workbook, Symbols Made Simple, is availabe as a FREE download. If you chose not to buy the main book, you may pay a nonimal fee to download the work book anyway. This is the most complete dream glossary you will ever find becasue it is uniquely you...


12 Step Dream Groups are so much fun, you won't beleive it until you try it
We have done the hard work in preparing the material so that you may begin a dream group. It's not necessary to buy the digital book, 12 Step Dream Work, to begin your group,  the material is FREE. However, your group will be better equipped  if you have all the information. So buy the book, OK?

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