12 Step Dream Work E-books (from androids to Kindle)

Once you pay for the book, an email will be sent to you and you may download any
 format you want- Kindle, Epub, or  a PDF version.

We're sorry, at this time 12 Step Dream Work is not available in a hard copy. However, you may order the download in any e-book format and that entitles you to the dream work glossary (with worksheets and handouts) for FREE. You will be able to download  Symbols Made Simple, print the entire workbook, put it in a binder and have the most complete dream dictionary available. If you don't have an e-book reader, order the PDF and read from your computer.

All formats for e-readers and the PDF version are $4.99. 

TIP: if you don't have an e-book reader, order the PDF and read from your computer.

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Symbols Made Simple, A dream dictionary and a workbook that makes your dreams come alive. $2 (or free with the purchase of the original 12 Step Dreamwork book above)

This is a dictionary and a work book. 
This  download is a PDF document and designed to be printed on your printer, put in a three ring binder, and used to record all your dream images for interpretation. Because this dream dictionary is also a work book with interpretations unique to you, you will find that this is the most complete dream dictionary you will ever own.

This glossary is FREE to any  person who has purchased the e-book, 12 Step Dream Work (above).  Your Pass Word to open thedream dictionary is located in the Second section of your e-book in the Introduction. All others will receive the pass word once they have completed the purchase.

For those who don't need the book, 12 Step Dream Work, you may pucrhase this PDF workbook (above) for the low fee of $2. After paying, the Pass Word will be sent to you.